The Sixties (2013-2014) The Complete Series 3-Disc DVD set - A must see for any history buff! With Tom Hanks, Dan Rather, Gloria Steinem, Carl Reiner, and Carol Burnett

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The Sixties (2013-2014) The Complete Series 3-Disc set Color/Black and White (Region 0 - Playable in US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Optional English close captions/subtitles. Beautiful picture and sound. Shown in original 1.78:1 aspect ratio Approx. 8 hr. 42 min. With Tom Hanks, Dan Rather, Gloria Steinem, Carl Reiner, and Carol Burnett

Executive produced by multiple EMMY Award-winning producers Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman (HBO's John Adams and The Pacific), and EMMY Award-winning producer Mark Herzog (History's Gettysburg), The Sixties explores the most transformative decade of the modern era in America.

The 1960s was the decade America transformed from a country of conformity to a land of political, cultural and social liberation. The events of that tumultuous ten-year period reshaped America to such an extent that it still remains an epoch of fascination today and, every step of the way, television helped frame and enable that change. Looking through the lens of television, The Sixties weaves together the events and personalities that influenced and dominated the 1960's in America, sketching a portrait of this remarkable decade that is both entertaining and illuminating. Featuring unique perspectives and rare, original footage, The Sixties will not just re-examine the familiar ... it will unearth the unknown.

This epic series uses rare archival footage and interviews with renowned journalists, historians, musicians and television cast and crew to paint a vivid and compelling portrait of a decade of lasting consequence.

  • The World on the Brink (1960-1963)
  • The Assassination of President Kennedy (1963)
  • The War in Vietnam (1964-1969)
  • The British Invasion (1964-1969)
  • The Times They are a-Changin' (1960-1969)
  • The Space Race (1960-1969)
  • Television Comes of Age (1960-1969)
  • Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll (1960-1969)
  • 1968 A Monumental Year (1968)
  • A Long March to Freedom (1960-1969)


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