Visit To A Small Planet (1960) DVD Jerry Lewis, Joan Blackman, Earl Holliman

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Visit To A Small Planet DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Black & White.

Starring: Jerry Lewis, Joan Blackman, Earl Holliman, Fred Clark, John Williams, Jerome Cowan, Gale Gordon, Ellen Corby, Milton Frome, John Dennis, Lee Patrick. Written by Edmund Beloin, Henry Garson, based on the play by Gore Vidal. Directed by Norman Taurog.

Jerry Lewis is Kreton, a childish alien who, against his teacher's will leaves his planet to visit the Earth, and lands in the backyard of a famous television journalist who doesn't believe in U.F.O's and aliens. Wanting to study humans but not able to fully understand them, Kreton makes a mess out of it, generating a lot of comic situations. Based loosely on the play by Gore Vidal.

Trivia: Gore Vidal,who wrote the original play, was extremely upset with the choice of Jerry Lewis as the lead in the movie version. On Broadway Vidal's play ran for 388 performances between Feb 7, 1957-Jan 11, 1958 and won Cyril Ritchard, originator of the Kreton character, a 1957 Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in Play. However, Lewis was a star, 12 times named to the Top Ten list of Box Office Stars, six times with partner Dean Martin (with whom he was the top star of 1952), and six times solo (ranking as high as #3 in 1958).

He got the part.