Violent Playground (1958) DVD Stanley Baker, David McCallum & Peter Cushing

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Violent Playground 1958 DVD B&W (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Digitally remastered. Beautiful print.

Starring: Stanley Baker, Anne Heywood, David McCallum, Peter Cushing Written by James Kennaway Directed by Basil Dearden

Sgt. Truman (Stanley Baker), a policeman who deals with juvenile delinquents, visits the Murphy household after a theft by the young twins, Mary and Patrick. There he meets their older sister, Cathie (Anne Heywood), and soon begins a romantic involvement with her. However, Cathie's brother, Johnnie (David McCallum), is the leader of an infamous local gang, and doesn't like to see his sister with a cop. Gradually, Truman starts to see a link between Johnnie and a string of local arsons.

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