Under Ten Flags (DVD) 1960 Van Heflin, Charles Laughton - Based on a true WWII story!

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Under Ten Flags 1960 DVD (Region One Playable in North America – The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Black & White. Beautifully re-mastered.

Starring: Van Heflin, Charles Laughton, John Ericson, Cecil Parker, Mylene Demongeot, Alex Nicol, Liam Redmond. Written by Vittoriano Petrilli and Duilo Coletti, based on the diaries of Bernhard Rogge. Directed by Duilo Coletti.

Based on the true story about the German navy raider Atlantis, which, disguised as a merchant ship, sank or captured 22 ships from May 1940 to November 1941, when she herself was sunk by the British cruiser HMS Devonshire. Her captain, Bernhard Rogge (Van Heflin), was one of the few German officers of flag rank who weren't arrested by the Allies after the war. This was due to the very proper way he had exercised his command of Atlantis. After the war he advanced to rear admiral in the West German Navy and became a high-ranking NATO commander.

"Sensational 665-Day Pursuit of the Killer-Ship Atlantis!The killer-ship of a thousand disguises!"