Touched by Love (DVD)

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Touched by Love 1980 DVD (Region One Playable in North America – The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)  Color.

Starring: Diane Lane, Deborah Raffin, Michael Learned.

This heartwarming real story stars Diane Lane as a handicapped child and Deborah Raffin as the dedicated woman who teaches her the power of love. Abandoned by her mother, Karen Brown (Lane), an isolated cerebral palsy victim, has grown up in a house for disabled children. All attempts to reach her have failed. But then, a young nurse's aide, Lena Canada (Raffin), becomes deeply involved in Karen's rehabilitation. Over the protests of her superior, Dr. Bell (Michael Learned), Lena devotes herself to bringing the child out of her shell. Eventually Karen finds an outlet for her emotions through a surprising pen pal - Elvis Presley.

An incredible tale of personal triumph, Touched By Love will both move and inspire you.