To Sleep With Anger (1990) DVD Danny Glover and Vonetta McGee

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To Sleep With Anger 1990 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Full Frame. Color. New price reduction (for a limited time).

Danny Glover, Paul Butler, DeVaughn Nixon, Mary Alice, Reina King, Vonetta McGee, Richard Brooks, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Written and directed by Charles Burnett

African-American, independent film director, Charles Burnett's low-key drama centres on the dynamics of a black middle-class family living in South Central Los Angeles. When Harry (Danny Glover) turns up on the doorstep of his old friend Gideon (Paul Butler) looking for a roof over his head, Gideon cannot refuse. Gideon's wife, however, does not want another person in the family house as their grown son and his wife are still living with them. To ingratiate himself into the family group, Harry reminds them of their Southern roots; but his drinking does him no favors. When Gideon has a stroke, Harry takes over the running of the household and they begin to see the real man behind the charm.

"When Harry comes to town, he brings good times, bad times... And a lot of trouble!"