The Texans (1938) DVD Randolph Scott & Joan Bennett

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The Texans 1938 DVD black and white approx. 92 min. Optional English subtitles (close captions for HoH) Beautifully re-mastered print, with a new, lower price. Shown in its original theatrical aspect: 1.37 : 1. Region One – Payable in North America – the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Starring: Randolph Scott, Joan Bennett, May Robson, Robert Cummings, Walter Brennan Screenplay by Bertram Millhauser, Paul Sloane and William Wister Haines Based on “North of 36” by Emerson Hough Produced by Lucien Hubbard, Directed by James P. Hogan

After the Civil War, the former Confederates of Texas are suffering under harsh taxes, ill treatment and corruption by the Federal Government during the Reconstruction era. Texas ranch owner, Ivy Preston (Joan Bennett) accompanied by her grandmother Granna (May Robson) and her old ranch foreman now the trail boss Chuckawalla (Walter Brennan) is trying to move her cattle to market to sell them. The carpetbaggers are not only trying to seize her cattle without payment but want her ranch as well for their own ends. Ivy's true love, former Confederate officer Alan Sanford (Robert Cummings) is in Mexico with General Shelby's Expedition to Mexico.

A Confederate veteran named Kirk Jordan (Randolph Scott) who has had enough of war and desires to make wealth in America becomes involved with her. He convinces her to drive her cattle to Abilene, Kansas rather than Mexico but he is upset with her when he learns she wants to use the money to help the South continue fighting. Their cattle drive fights the elements, the Comanche and the US Army who follow the orders of the carpetbaggers.

“The romantic drama of the Great southwest...of a man and woman unafraid...who fought a thousand frontier terrors for love...and the glory of the Lone Star State!”