Sealed Cargo (DVD) 1951 Dana Andrews, Claude Rains & Carla Balenda

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Sealed Cargo 1951 B&W DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Beautifully restored!

Starring: Dana Andrews, Carla Balenda, Claude Rains, Philip Dorn, Onslow Stevens, Skip Homeier, Whit Bissell, Dick Crockett. Written by Dale Van Every, Oliver H.P. Garrett and Roy Huggins. Directed by Alfred L Werker.

SAVAGE PASSIONS aflame in the North Atlantic! Unleashed by treachery...hate...violence!

During World War II - at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic - Captain Pat Bannon's (Dana Andrews) fishing trawler The Daniel Webster sights a shell-ridden Danish four-rigger in the waters off Newfoundland. The crew has fled and only Captain Skalder (Claude Rains) and a mysterious woman Margaret McLean (Carla Balenda) remain. Thinking the ship has been the victim of a German U-boat, Bannon reluctantly agrees to tow the vessel to a small Newfoundland port. During the voyage it becomes apparent that one of his ship’s crew is a Nazi agent. In port, Bannon and Konrad (Philip Dorn), a crewman who proves loyal to the Allied cause, discover the vessel they aided is a U-boat supply ship.

But who is the treacherous Nazi agent?