The Midnight Man (1974) DVD Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Cameron Mitchell

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The Midnight Man 1974 DVD (Region One Playable in North America – The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Gorgeously re-mastered! Color. New, lower price!

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Cameron Mitchell, Morgan Woodward, Harris Yulin, Robert Quarry, Joan Lorring, Ed Lauter, Charles Tyner, Mills Watson, Lawrence Dobkin, Catherine Bach. Written by David Anthony novel "The Midnight Lady and the Mourning Man"), Roland Kibbee, Burt Lancaster. Directed by Roland Kibbee and Burt Lancaster.

An ex-con, once a cop (Burt Lancaster), now working as a security guard in a college, decides to investigate the murder of one of the students (Catherine Bach), a daughter of a senator (Morgan Woodward).

"The major sport at Jordan College this year is MURDER! The score is one dead, ten witnesses to go."

"The Ex-con. The Hippie. The Senator. The Pervert. The Lesbian. The Professor. The Sheriff. The Sadist. One of them is a murderer. All of them make the most fascinating murder mystery in years."