The Key to Rebecca (Complete mini-Series) 2-Disc set! 1985 David Soul

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The Key to Rebecca DVD 1985 (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Complete Miniseries. 2-Disc Set. Color. New (temporary) price reduction.

Starring: Cliff Robertson, David Soul, Season Hubley, Robert Culp, Lina Raymond, Anthony Quayle, David Hemmings, Robert Swales. Written by Samuel Harris from the book by Ken Follett. Directed by David Hemmings.

A two-part adaptation of the Ken Follett novel "The Key to Rebecca". Cliff Robertson stars as a British Major William Vandam, who is determined to capture an elusive German spy during World War II. The spy in question, Alex Wolff, played by David Soul, has disguised himself as a British subject and is squirreled away somewhere in Cairo. Robertson hopes to draw Soul out with the help of exotic dancer Lina Raymond and the more 'wholesome' but no less attractive Season Hubley. Soul responds to this by kidnapping Hubley, hoping to use her as a shield while he makes his escape. Also appearing in this escapade is Robert Culp, cast as General Rommel.

A thrilling adventure of espionage and intrigue.

"A ruthless Nazi spy. A fearless army major. One has a cause. The other, a conscience. Both had a secret worth dying for."