An Inspector Calls (2015) DVD - David Thewlis, Miranda Richardson

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An Inspector Calls 2015 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color, Widescreen, Close-captioned

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Starring: David Thewlis, Miranda Richardson, Ken Stott

Emotionally powerful and sharply relevant, this is a stylish new adaptation of JB Priestley’s timeless masterpiece. AN INSPECTOR CALLS is both an enthralling mystery and a scathing critique of a hypocritical, class-obsessed society.  Set in 1912, AN INSPECTOR CALLS vividly evokes a thriving industrial age built on crippling social inequality.  Taking place over the course of a single night, this taut, affecting and ultimately tragic story centers on the prosperous Birling family. They receive a surprise visit from Inspector Goole (David Thewlis) who is investigating the suicide of a young girl, a former factory worker of Mr. Birling. Interrogating each family member in turn, Mr. Goole’s incisive questioning reveals that each one not only had a connection to the girl but also may have played a significant part in her demise. As the family’s callous actions are brought to light, so are dark and shameful secrets that threaten to tear the Birling family household apart and destroy its reputation.

Region One. North American Format.