Gift Horse (Glory at Sea) 1952 DVD Trevor Howard, Richard Attenborough

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Gift Horse (aka Glory at Sea) 1952 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) B&W 95 minutes.

Starring:  Trevor Howard,  Richard Attenborough, Sonny Tufts, James Donald, Bernard Lee and Hugh Williams. Written by William Fairchild, Hugh Hastings and William Rose. Directed by Compton Bennett        

Eight years after his court martial, Lt. Cmdr. Hugh Alginon Fraser (Trevor Howard) returns to the Royal Navy to serve England during World War II. Given command of a decrepit destroyer and assigned a motley team of seamen -- which includes a Canadian first officer (James Donald), a Cockney sailor (Richard Attenborough) and an American cook (Sonny Tufts) -- Fraser initially clashes with his new officers and men. However, commander and crew forge a bond as they prepare for battle.

“It is an ‘honor,’ the captain says, to be expendable and "Glory At Sea" (Gift Horse) is a thoroughly dramatic illustration of a heroic annal substantiated by England's wartime history.” – The New York Times