Erskineville Kings (1999) DVD Hugh Jackman & Marty Denniss

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Erskineville Kings 1999 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color Widescreen, beautiful print. New lower price for a limited time!

Starring: Marty Denniss, Hugh Jackman, Andrew Wholley, Leah Vandenberg. Written by Marty Denniss. Directed by Alan White.

Australian director Alan White creates this bleak but gorgeously photographed urban drama about life in Sydney's seedy inner suburbs. Hoping to escape his dad's drunken and abusive behavior, Barky (Marty Denniss) runs away from home to cut cane in the north of the country. Two years later, he returns to his down-and-out hometown to attend the funeral of his father and to make amends with his brother Wace (Hugh Jackman), with whom he had a falling-out. As he meets up with old friends and his ex-girlfriend Lanny (Leah Vandenberg), Barky reveals more and more about the enigmatic workings of his mind and the grim circumstances of his upbringing. Shot on a very low budget, the film nonetheless creates a compelling portrait of this gritty, oppressive land.

Erskineville Kings was screened to great acclaim at the 1999 Montreal Film Festival, Australian Film Institute and Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards.