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The Electric Grandmother 1982 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color.

Starring: Maureen Stapleton, Edward Herrmann, Robert McNaughton, Tara Kennedy, Paul Benedict, Charles Fields, Madeleine Sherwood, Paula Trueman, Truman Gaige. Written by Ray Bradbury ("I Sing The Body Electric"), Jeffrey Kindley. Directed by Noel Black.

Ray Bradbury’s fantasy classic! Help comes in a most bizarre and fanciful way to a family whose children are traumatized by the death of their mother. They receive three pieces of a glowing, mechanized heart, that when joined together, give a recording for an offer for an electric grandmother. They go to a strange factory, where they customize their new grandmother, and within a short time, she arrives. The android is equipped with everything needed as a parent and the boys are charmed. The daughter, however, still misses her mother and she bears no welcome for this interloper.

Maureen Stapleton shines in this, the finest adaptation of the Bradbury short story I Sing The Body Electric.