Cast a Long Shadow (1959) DVD Audie Murphy, Terry Moore, John Dehner and James Best

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Cast a Long Shadow (1959) DVD Approx. 82 Min., B&W, Shown in its original  widescreen aspect ratio (enhanced for 16:9 TVs) A beautiful print! Playable in North America (the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Audie Murphy, Terry Moore, John Dehner, James Best, Rita Lynn, Denver Pyle, and Ann Doran Written by Martin Goldsmith and John McGreevey. Directed by Thomas Carr.

Matt Brown (Audie Murphy) inherits a cattle ranch from his estranged father. He agrees to sell to the townspeople, who want to finally work for themselves. When he arrives back in town, he visits the house and, after meeting with an old girlfriend (Terry Moore), decides not to sell, angering the people. However, he discovers that the ranch is deep in debt and about to be foreclosed on. In order to avoid this, he has to drive the ranch's cattle to Santa Fe in three days to sell them for the money to pay off the debt. The town's men help but still conspire to get the ranch. Along the way, Matt discovers the truth about his past.

“The roughest vengeance-trail a man ever rode !”