The Brothers Rico (1957) DVD Richard Conte, Dianne Foster, Kathryn Grant, Larry Gates, James Darren – Gritty Noir!

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The Brothers Rico (1957) DVD B&W Approx. 91 min. Region One – playable in North America – the US, Canada, etc. Optional subtitles / close-captions. Beautiful print!

Starring: Richard Conte , Dianne Foster, Kathryn Grant, Larry Gates, James Darren, Argentina Brunetti, Lamont Johnson, Harry Bellaver, Paul Picerni, Paul Dubov, Rudy Bond and Richard Bakalyan. Written by Lewis Meltzer, Ben Perry and Dalton Trumbo, based on a story by Georges Simenon. Directed by Phil Karlson.

Former Mafia bookkeeper Eddie Rico (Richard Conte - in one of the best roles of his career) has decided to go straight and lives with his wife (Dianne Foster) in Florida, where they plan to adopt a child. However, his brothers, Johnny (James Darren) and Gino (Paul Picerni), still work for his ex-boss, Sid Kubik (Larry Gates). When Eddie finds out their lives are in danger, he is forced to re-establish the connection to the world he thought he had left behind. When one of his brothers is killed, Eddie realizes that he will be next.

“Three hunted men and their desperate women...”