Artists and Models (1955) DVD - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis!

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Artists and Models 1955 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) . Color. Digitally Re-mastered. New price reduction.

Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Shirley MacLaine, Dorothy Malone, Eddie Mayehoff, Ava Gabor, Anita Ekberg, Jack Elam, George Winslow, Richard Webb, Heather Ames, Jane Adrian. Written by Herbert Baker, Michael Davidson, Hal Kanter. Directed by Frank Tashlin.

Artists and Models is a lavish, girl-filled vehicle for the popular team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Martin plays Rick Todd, a comic-book artist who is under fire from his publisher (Eddie Mayehoff), who complains that Rick's work isn't gory enough. Lewis plays Eugene Fullstack, Rick's roommate, who while asleep dreams up elaborate comic-book plots and garishly costumed superheroes. Eugene's nightmares help Rick become a success; meanwhile, our two heroes romance their luscious neighbors, artist Dorothy Malone and rambunctious model Shirley MacLaine. Eugene's overworked imagination somehow attracts the attention of a group of Russian spies, who attempt to abduct Eugene during the annual Artists and Models Ball.

One of the best of the Martin and Lewis efforts.