All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

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All the Fine Young Cannibals 1960 Widescreen DVD (Region One - playable in North America: The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color

Starring: Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Susan Kohner, George Hamilton and Pearl Bailey. Written by Robert Thom. Based on the novel "The Bixby Girls" by Rosamond Marshall. Directed by Michael Anderson.

This romantic melodrama is loosely based on the life of Chet Baker, a noted jazz trumpeter and looks at the lives of the idle rich who while away their hours having affairs and spinning tangled webs of deception. The story centers on two married couples and a child. It seems that before both couples married, the husband of one impregnated the wife of the other and now they must decide to whom the child belongs.

“There are no rules...there is no limit...IN THE LOVE-HUNGRY WORLD OF THESE YOUNG SOPHISTICATES!”