84 Charlie MoPic (DVD) 1989 Jonathan Emerson, Nicholas Cascone, Christopher Burgard

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84 Charlie MoPic 1989 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Widescreen. Color.

Starring: Jonathan Emerson, Nicholas Cascone, Christopher Burgard, Jason Tomlins, Glenn Morshower, Richard Brooks and Byron Thames. Written and directed by Patrick Sheane Duncan.

84 Charlie MoPic offers the Vietnam experience as seen through the eyes of a combat photographer (Mopic is slang for the Army Motion Picture Unit). Byron Thames plays a combat cameraman who has already been on two tours of duty; he goes on a third because he is intrigued by a reel of film found on the body of a dead photographer. Thames must answer to green lieutenant Jonathan Emerson and experienced sergeant Richard Brooks. In straight-on, non-judgemental fashion, we are shown the day-to-day struggle to stay alive, meeting the main characters in the natural course of action. As the mission winds down, Thames is compelled to abandon his camera to rescue a fellow soldier; as a result, yet another roll of film returns to headquarters without the photographer.

"84 Charlie MoPic isn't about politics or collective guilt; it's about survival."