Thief of Baghdad (The Blue Rose) 1961

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Thief of Baghdad (The Blue Rose) 1961 DVD Excellent picture & audio. Color. 

Starring: Steve Reeves, Georgia Moll, Edy Vessel, Fanfulla, Arturo Dominici.

 Steve Reeves at his best! In his finest film and performance, Reeves plays a prince who must pass seven tests in order to find a legendary blue rose to save the life of a sleeping princess and win her hand in marriage while also winning back his kingdom.

Under the direction of Arthur Lubin, this film boasts impressive (for its day) special effects, exotic sets and acting that raises itself above other Arabian Nights type films. The characters are well written which include the obligatory villains who are also on the blue rose trail and evil women who pack a deadly punch - or perhaps that should be a deadly potion.